What You Need To Know When Buying Air Compressors

Air compressors provide air power. A compressed air is great in providing convenience for your garage and shops. It is a necessity for most businesses and a much-needed utility in different industries.

This article is aimed at helping you decide when buying air compressors. It hopes to provide you the answers on what you need to look for in terms of designs and features of air compressors, what must include air compressor when you buy it and some useful tips.

Air Compressor Categories

When looking for air compressors, you can either buy any of the three: consumer-grade, professional-grade, or industrial/commercial-grade.

  • Commercial or industrial-grade. This type of air compressors is designed to give a compressed air at a steady flow for a very long time. Built with high-quality components, these compressors come with an added feature which uses advanced technology for a better performance, reliability, and efficiency for energy.
  • Consumer-grade. Great for small households, these air compressors can be used for inflating sporting goods, tires and other inflatable materials. Most if not all, provide enough power to operate small load air tools.
  • Professional-grade. Made for demanding and regular usage applications, professional-grade air compressors perform great for small auto shops, contractors, and woodworks.

Know The Work Your Air Compressor is Capable of Doing

Electrical Supply

Air compressors can be used with two types of models, either gas or electric. Pairing your air compressor with generators is not a great idea. This is because the fluctuations from the generator may cause damage to your air compressor.

Extension cords which are longer in length are not recommended for air compressors because a longer cord has lesser efficiency when delivering the needed power.

Tools You Want To Use With

Determine the tools that you want to use with your air compressor before buying one. Each air tool has a specified average CFM rating. This rating will give you the needed information for the amount of power to be used.

Air Compressor Type

Air compressors are divided into different types:

  • Air Generated. By the PSI rating, a single or two-stage design, air generated can be measured by how compressed the air is
  • Air Storage. Tank Capacity of gallons
  • Work Load. In CFM, the generated air volume and the motor’s rated HP
  • Technology. Common types are reciprocated with the use of either piston or rotary screw

These are just some of the information that you need when buying air compressors. Other things that are considered are the required PSI; maximum required air volume, tank size and the horsepower needed.

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