Review on the Craftsman Air Compressor 3 Gallon

The craftsman air compressor 3 gallon is ideal for people who are looking out for an economically priced compressor. From the design to the features and the durability of a unit; this compressor is a worthwhile investment for your home and office use. It is also a perfect gift idea if you are looking for something for your close friend or family member.

The multifunctional craftsman air compressor 3 gallon saves time and energy

This is a three piece accessory compressor that comes with multiple attachments. You can use it for checking the air pressure of tires, filling the air for your air mattresses, uses it before or during basketball practice and even if you plan to go for a cycling trip to the mountains.

Apart from that, you can also use to check the air pressure of your motorbikes. In short, you can use it for anything that requires a refill or checking of air pressure. The DIY compressor can also handle pneumatic tools like paint sprayers, air ratchets, nail guns etc. The piston style pump is the plus point of the compressor.

Technical details of the craftsman air compressor 3 gallon
  • • This light weight compressor weights 41.7 pounds making it a portable option as well. The dimensions of the compressor’s body are 23 x 21.1 x 9.3.
  • • There is a special drain valve which is fitted with brass fittings. This comes in handy when you want to keep out or drain out any moisture content.
  • • The built-in wheels that are attached to the body make it easy to transport without putting too much of efforts.
  • • Even the set up process is so simple that a person will not waste any time to get the unit up and running.
  • • The high quality of the hose that comes along with the unit is easy to fit and ready to use immediately. It is long enough to use even for car tiers without causing any kind of strain.
  • • The 135 PSI is the maximum limit of air pressure that you can use. It also has a direct drive motor of 1.0 – HP.
  • • The coil hose that comes with the compressor is sized at 25”. Along with that, you get all the necessary attachments and accessories. This means you can save money by purchasing anything additional.

Some other features of the craftsman air compressor 3 gallon

Special Oil level gauge

Due to the constant use, the oil in the compressor thickens out and forms coatings that are black in color. This, in turn, damages the unit and the overall performance. Keeping this factor in mind, there is a special built-in gauge that lets you know the present oil levels.

Through this, you can get to know when you need to change the oil. It is also equipped with an indicator that will let you know when you have to change the oil. Another way to deal with the oil change is to use a dipstick to check the color of the oil.

Perfect for longer duration use

The good thing about the craftsman air compressor 3 gallon is that it is ideal for long duration usage. You can run it for up to 3000 hours after which you may notice a little wear and tear. However, it can last a little longer if you take care of it properly.

Special steel body for durability

The craftsman air compressor 3 gallon has a steel body. This helps to provide a longer and better use of the air compressor. Along with that, even the various other accessories that come with it are made from the best materials and high quality. The company has made sure that they stick to the quality standards set by the industry while designing every piece and unit of this particular model.


There is no doubt that the craftsman air compressor 3 gallon is the one-stop solution for your air compressor needs. Whether it is taking care of the car tires or even refilling the air of your basket ball or air mattress, you can use this compressor whenever you want. It is also an ideal thing to carry with you when you are going on a camping trip. ”. Although you may find it a little noise, it is a good unit to have with you at all times.

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