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3 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews

The 3 Gallon Air Compressor comes with a hose and a 3 piece accessory kit which allows you to do more than just inflating tires at home or work. It gives you the power to quickly fill your bikes, basketballs, air mattresses and much more. For household DIY enthusiasts, the air compressor can manage a variety of pneumatic tools including paint sprayers, air ratchets, and nail gun.

Features of the 3 gallon air compressor

The 3-gallon air compressor is designed with steel house casing for longevity purposes. It is fitted with a 1.0-HP direct drive motor with a maximum operating pressure which ranges from 120psi to 150psi, together with a piston style pump.

Some of the other notable features of most of the 3 gallon air compressors include:

  • • It weighs 50lbs, making it very portable.
  • • The accessory kit includes: a male plug, a ball tire chuck, seal tape and a 25-inch coil hose for refilling tires without the need for other purposes for such.
  • • Oil lubricated piston pump.
  • • Sight glass to allow for easy visual check of the oil levels.
  • • Low oil shut down safety features.
  • • Maintenance-free oil-less pump.
  • • Easy to read gauges.
  • • Thermal overload protection.
  • • Fully enclosed motor housing fitted with an easy to carry handle.

Available in different designs

Most of the 3-gallon air compressors are horizontal in design, and this contributes significantly towards their portability. There are also others that are circular in configuration, and they come with almost all the features as their horizontal counterparts, only that they tend to be more compact and are very economical when it comes to the storage space. Whether circular, horizontal or vertical, the capacity of the 3-gallon air compressors will always be the same, and so is the performance, though with slight variations, depending on the specific models.

Easy to operate and maintain

Operating the 3-gallon air compressor is relatively easy if you have experience with operating such types of tools. But even if it is your first time using an air compressor, you wouldn't face any difficulties after you have learnt the basics of operating it such as placing it on a flat surface before plugging the code to the outlet. Besides, the compressors come with comprehensive owner's manual to give you detailed instructions on what's needed to operate and maintain the units.

Mixed reviews from past users

Past users of various types of the 3-gallon air compressor have registered mixed reviews about their experiences with the compressors. In as much as such reviews are based hugely on personal experiences with the machine, a majority laud the compressor for its compactness, affordability, portability and versatility in applications. The majority of those who are not happy with the product had issues with performance and quality and to avoid such problems; it is recommended that you should get your unit from trusted and verified vendors who will not be selling to you low quality items.

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